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The lessons have features such as interactive whiteboard, messenger, voice calls and even videochat
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Tutors are always happy to assist with any school task or even the whole subject
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My son in 4th grade started studying advanced math. It was hard for me to explain, but with the mentors at Tensy he’s actually interested! He is not given the right answers, but is brought close, so that the logic itself becomes clear. The solved task becomes his personal little victory!So we are very happy, we will renew the subscription :)
May 11, 2020
The mentor explained my physics question in great detail. Indeed, the mentor speaks the same language as you and you are not dependent on anyone else. You ask right away, and you're answered right away
May 3, 2020
My son (4th grade) and daughter (6th grade) study on the platform. My children have developed a genuine interest in studying. The mentors are great and connect quickly a few seconds after my children send their question
May 2, 2020
It's a wonderful service that helps me a lot in my studies. You just ask a question, and then the tutor gives you an explanation and helps you come to an answer!
May 13, 2020
I help my peers understand physics and math. Our goal is not to solve the task for the student, but to help them understand the subject and motivate them to further, deeper study of the subject. I like to give lessons on Tensy because I'm not only helping someone else, but also improving my own knowledge
May 7, 2020
It's been a long time since I've seen my kids so excited to study. Masha learned about verb conjugation and cell structure today. And Vlad decided on chemistry (tasks for molar volume). This is a real help for both children and parents in learning the school subjects
April 30, 2020
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Coordinator of the OBOR project’s CPEC project
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